30 March 2012

Eostre = Easter? - Or Barbie Died for Your Sins....

Finally I've been able to put together a little idea I had to celebrate the pagan holiday of Eostre.

For more possibilities of the origins of Easter click here.

09 April 2011

Tim Minchin

I first saw Tim Minchin while living in the UK - more and more his humor, wit & intelligence amazes me. Take a look at this animation of his poem "Storm".

30 March 2011

Targeted Ads

On Facebook: 


The homeopathy of the East? So does that means it works as well? From the disclaimer from Qi Infusions itself, you can see they also believe that it doesn't work either.


Statements about our products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products sold by Ethan Borg LLC are not meant to treat, cure, or prevent disease as it is defined by Western medicine. Under no circumstances does Ethan Borg LLC imply its products are meant to treat, cure, or prevent diseases as they are defined by Western medicine. The customer relies on the customer's own education and training in the selection of products. Please contact a licensed professional, such as an acupuncturist, when making decisions about our products.

 And - yeh, an acupuncturist, consult them, they're real professional medical quacks umm... practitioners.

17 March 2011

It's Disgusting

  On Sunday word hit Facebook that there was a Homeopathic company in Australia that was promoting the use of homeopathy to combat radiation poisoning in Japan in the wake of the earthquake damage to their nuclear reactors. Many bloggers have since posted their responses to counter this dangerous - life threatening idea.

  Soon after The 10:23 Campaign posted their link to the story, American homeopath Kate Birch waded into the debate with claims of how effective these little sugar pills or bottles of water are in  helping radiation sickness, malaria, AIDS, etc. This woman is either deluded, willfully ignorant or a dangerous scammer.

10 March 2011


That's all - nothing else. Boiron, the homeopathic nostrum peddler claims that the active ingredient in it's product 'Oscillococcinum' is 'Anas barbariae et cordis extractum'. But as this is diluted 1 part to 100 for 200 times, there is nothing left of the original ingredient (Muscovy liver & heart extract). Homeopaths will claim that the water has a memory of the original ingredient, however this product is diluted even more. How? You may ask? It's then added to sugar pills - that dry out - so there isn't even any of the so-called memory water left. 

I ask' Why waste your money on this crap con?

I like these disclaimers on the back of Boiron's oscillococinnum package.

Ask a Doctor before use in children younger than 2 years of age.

Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist for more than 3 days or worsen.

If pregnant or breast feeding as a health professional before use.

Keep out of reach of children.

I would think there would be a risk of choking in 2 yr and younger. If you wait 3 days for symptoms to persist or worsen before seeing a doctor, you could be putting your life at risk, but cuddos for that instead of saying to increase the dosage. As for pregnancy or breast feeding? A real health professional would say go ahead, it would do any real harm (or good). Children of course would just eat it like candy - really expensive candy.

Look at the picture - the only ingredients in this is lactose & sucrose and only 1 gram of that per 0.04 oz 'dose'- . I'd rather spend less money (cost is $9.61 at Walmart) and buy some M&Ms ( $7.49 for 19.2 oz) - they'd be just as effective and it has chocolate mmmmmm.

This is how homeopathic nostrums should be marked -

 There is a quote on Wikipedia: When Boiron's spokeswoman Gina Casey was asked if a product made from the heart and liver of a duck was safe, she replied: "Of course it is safe. There's nothing in it."

 Okay - I did just do an 'overdose' of this - all 6 doses at once and hey! I must tell you this - this is much more sweet than the Arsenicum alba OD I did just over a year ago.  There must be more sugar in it - it tasted just like a spoonful of pure cane sugar.  

Still - I'd prefer M&Ms