13 June 2009

Fortune Strikes

Well, sort of... on Tuesday @ 6:59 pm, the London Underground went on strike... sort of. After riding in to work on the #113 bus Wednesday, I found out that my normal Tube route - the Nortnern Line was operating as normal, except for a few station closures. Warren Street - my closest- being one. This meant that I needed to walk to the Camden Station through Regents Park. Not a bad trade off tho, as I didn't have to dodge the heavy foot traffic on Marylebone.

This took me around the Inner Circle, past St John's Lodge and the near hidden (private looking) entrance to it's park. I decided to explore. What a gem of a garden! Beautiful, secluded and quiet.

There are well kept plant beds with many separate garden
'rooms', each with their own theme - including
an ornamental vegetable bed. The best thing I noticed though was the lack of crowds that I find in the main Regents Park gardens. Most of the rooms were empty and those that did have people only had 1 or 2 sitting quietly reading or as in one case - napping on a bench.
And no - he wasn't a transient.

With several works of art - bronzes - gorgeous plant combinations and a long landscape vista to St Johns Lodge, this garden has just joined the Chelsea Physic Garden & Hampstead Heath as one of my favorite places to visit in London.

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