03 April 2010


In one way, celebrated by thousands of children, hunting for boiled & colored eggs. The eggs were co-opted by the Christian religion to symbolize the resurrection of Christ, but the egg has a more ancient meaning. One of re-birth.

This year I'm celebrating my re-birth/resurrection of my obsession with photography. Many years back I had 'developed' a love of photography, I was in the service and film/processing was relatively cheap, but after I had my cameras and photos stolen from storage I wasn't so enthusiastic. Finally in the late 90's I started buying cameras again and taking pics, however due to the high cost of getting the film processed, I didn't take near the amount of photos as before. The cost killed the passion.

Last year - in March I was laid off (made redundant, as they say over here) and I took my check - purchased a decent dSLR (went to work with a temp service so I wouldn’t starve) and over the year I have finally rekindled my love. With well over 2,ooo images on Flickr, I would say it's an obsession - maybe even an addiction. I do go through withdrawal if I forget to take a camera out and shoot an image.

No - my photos aren't works of art - but I do love trying.

Happy Easter everyone - no matter why (or how) you celebrate it.

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