31 January 2011


Betelgeuse - that far away red sun giant that is near the end of it's life, that is probably more than 600 light years away. Apparently it's hard to measure the distance due to its atmosphere, Phil Plait of the Bad Astronomy . blog calls it puffy. Read his blog explaining the recent controversy and why it's going nova is not something to be worried about.

So what does all this have to do with me? Well I have this photo on my Flicker account that I took way back in '09 in Leigh on Sea. It's a view of the graveyard from the tower of the church of  St Clements. It started getting hits on it Jan 22nd. Today I thought to look at the stats - 14 hits since then (all from Google) - previously there were only 9 hits for the entire time.  It's gotta be the whole (non) controversy over it exploding - so thank you, you fear mongering media for getting people to look at my photos.


Now off I go to put a link to Phil Plait's blog on the photo.


James said...

It's funny what turns up in your Flickr referrers. Once in a while I notice similar things... Flickr gets pretty high ranking on search results, so not that unsurprising really.

Cindy Kilpatrick said...

I think the extra views are well deserved no matter what the reason! You can count one more from me. :)