11 February 2011

The Woo Smells Strong in this one.

Last year I took part in my  first 10:23 ‘overdose’ and articles like this just make me laugh. However I do feel like tearing it apart – bit by bit.

Friday, February 11, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
(Who was that masked man? I don’t know but he left this sugar pill behind.)
Editor of NaturalNews.com  

It's really quite hilarious to see this unfold: Homeopathy skeptics and vicious Big Pharma attack dogs are running around the globe in ludicrous demonstrations where they consume huge doses of homeopathic remedies in public and then claim that because they don't die of an "overdose," these medicines therefore don't work.

They are ludicrous demonstrations – because the whole premise of homeopathy is ludicrous – like cures like, the more you dilute a substance the stronger it becomes, water has memory then sugar has memory of the water that is added to it to make the pills. The reason we don’t die after the ‘overdose’ is not just because this doesn’t work, it’s because there is nothing in it.

Notice that they never consume their own medicines in large doses? Chemotherapy? Statin drugs? Blood thinners? They wouldn't dare drink those. In fact, today I'm challenging the homeopathic skeptics and other medical fundamentalists to a "drink-a-thon" test to see which medicines will kill you faster. But we'll get to that in a minute...

Are there risks with conventional medicine? Of course there are – but the risks are far outweighed by the benefits. This is proven by controlled testing, peer review & time, homeopathy has never been proven to work by any of those methods. Would I take an overdose of these? Of course not, but I will take the recommended doses – IF I NEED TOO.

First, let's get to the understanding of why the idea that you could "overdose" on homeopathic remedies is ridiculous to begin with.
Again – we know you can’t ‘overdose’ on homeopathic products – there is nothing in them.
It requires an elevated worldview
Teaching the so-called "skeptics" about how homeopathic medicine really works is a bit like trying to convince flat Earthers that the planet is really spherical. These skeptics, you see, approach homeopathy as if it were a drug (because that's all they really know). And in their world, all drugs are dangerous if you overdose on them, which makes sense from their point of view because they're educated solely in dangerous, synthetically-derived chemicals that are incompatible with the human body.

You're  hardly promoting  an “elevated” worldview, it’s more like a ‘throwback’ worldview – back to Victorian times and we all know how elevated their views were.
Believing homeopathy works is actually more like the believing the Earth is Flat. Trying to explain real medicine to a homeopath is like an astronaut describing a round Earth to a flat Earther.

So it may be understandable at some level that since this is all the medical fundamentalists (skeptics) know, they have probably not attained the level of sophistication required to understand the far more advanced mechanisms of homeopathy. It's a bit like trying to teach a five-year-old child how to play Mozart. And while that may have worked if your child was Mozart, it probably doesn't work for anyone else.

So maybe you could explain these ‘advanced mechanisms’ of homeopathy? Thought not.

Homeopathy isn't a drug

Homeopathy, you see, isn't a drug. It's not a chemical. So you can drink all you want and you won't overdose on it. That's not a defect in homeopathy -- it's a remarkable advantage! It means that while 200,000+ Americans are killed each year by toxic pharmaceutical drugs, no one is harmed by homeopathy. Not even those who are desperately trying to be harmed by it!

Can you give a citation for the numbers killed?  No one harmedRidiculously dangerous

It seems these skeptics really want everything to be more dangerous because the world of toxicity is so much more familiar to them. What these not-so-amazing skeptics would like to see, it seems, is more people dropping dead from dangerous side effects. Then they would believe homeopathy was real.

That's the way ignorant conventional medicine operates today: You know the drugs are kicking in when you start getting worse. Toxicity and conventional medicine go hand in hand.

Yes – medicine is toxic – it has to be, to kill cancers, bacteria, viruses etc, but,again, the benefits ‘outweigh’ the risks.

But homeopathy isn't a chemical. It's a resonance. A vibration, or a harmony. It's the restructuring of water to resonate with the particular energy of a plant or substance. We can get into the physics of it in a subsequent article, but for now it's easy to recognize that even from a conventional physics point of view, liquid water has tremendous energy, and it's constantly in motion, not just at the molecular level but also at the level of its subatomic particles and so-called "orbiting electrons" which aren't even orbiting in the first place. Electrons are vibrations and not physical objects.

Yeh – there are lots of problems with that paper that was self published by Dr. Luc Montagnier, not published in a peer reviewed journal.

But, oh yeah, I forgot. The skeptics don't know that yet. That won't be taught that in university physics classes until probably 2020, at which point most of them will probably be dead from taking pharmaceuticals to treat their own diseases. For now, they've all convinced themselves that electrons are -- get this -- tiny "particles" flying around atomic nuclei and tremendous speeds which just happen to stay in their little orbits like little perpetual motion machines (which they say are impossible), until all of a sudden, these electron "particles" inexplicably leap to a higher or lower orbit without occupying the space in-between those orbits at any moment. Yep, magic teleporting particles! That's the "scientific" explanation of these folks. No wonder so many of them are magicians: Believing their explanations requires that you believe in particle magic!

I’ll be surprised if this ‘magic’ is ever taught in a physics class. I say, "I’ll be surprised", because I plan on using real medicine to keep me alive past 2020.

But getting back to water and vibrations, which isn't magic but rather vibrational physics, you can't overdose on a harmony. If you have one violin playing a note in your room, and you add ten more violins -- or a hundred more -- it's all still the same harmony (with all its complex higher frequencies, too). There's no toxicity to it.

So tell – after the water has been put on a sugar pill and dried – how does it keep vibrating? Could it be............... magic?

Homeopathy works much the same way: You can drink a few drops or a few gallons. It's the same harmony being introduced into your body's living cells, regardless of the quantity. And drinking a few gallons of it will only make you urinate a whole lot, which I suppose the skeptics have been doing a lot these days, staring down into the toilet bowl with their pants unzipped, declaring, "I was right! I can't overdose on it!" Talk about expensive urine, eh?

Drinking a few gallons of water will “only make you urinate a whole lot”?? I guess you’ve never heard of hyponatremia or ‘water intoxication.

It's hilarious, in fact, that those who would try to disparage homeopathy would even think that attempting to "overdose" on it proves anything at all. What it really shows is that they utterly lack any understanding of the underlying theories of how homeopathy works -- theories that Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier -- the discovered of the AIDS virus -- now publicly supports, by the way.

I don’t know why you don’t understand that the ‘overdoses’ prove that there is nothing but sugar or water in these nostrums. To sell this snake oil as a cure or preventative is nothing less than a scam and a fraud.

Bent on their own destruction

What really drives the skeptics crazy is that no matter how hard they try, they just can't seem to kill themselves. To be so out of touch with the beautiful, loving and holographic nature of the universe around us is to retreat to a self-loathing worldview that can only be resolved through self destruction. These skeptics just want to kill themselves... and they wouldn't mind taking a few of you along with them, too. Hence their promotion of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy and water fluoridation.

 We’re not ‘bent on our own destruction’, we’re bent on the destruction of pseudoscience. This includes homeopathy.

These public demonstrations of chugging what they call "drugs" can only be called psychopathic "public suicide attempts" -- and they can't even get that right, either. (They're drinking the wrong stuff...)

Actually – we don’t call this stuff ‘drugs’ – we call them water or sugar pills.

I would suggest they try a few fluid ounces of their own medicines if they want to achieve the overdoses they're looking for. A few ounces of chemotherapy would do the trick nicely. Let me know if one of them tries that, and we'll carry the news: "Skeptic dies after drinking his own medicine. Story at eleven...

No one would be silly enough to take you on this ‘dare’ – we know that there are ‘active’ ingredients in real medicine – the staged homeopathic ‘overdoses’? We know it’s perfectly safe – there’s nothing in it.

In fact, if these skeptics are looking to kill themselves, they need look no further than the tens of thousands of toxic drugs, vaccines, chemotherapy agents, radiation procedures and barbaric surgical procedures that they claim will heal you! Yep, the stuff they say is good for you is the stuff they won't drink.

Yep! I’m dead, because in the late nineties I had a ‘barbaric surgical procedure’ to remove a cancer from my neck. Yep I’m dead, because at 13 I had ‘barbaric surgical procedures’ to set my broken arm (not to mention the x-rays that checked my arm) and 36 stitches to sew up my body after I rode my bike into a VW that was moving toward me at 35mph. Too bad I didn’t have this hospital to go too those times.

And therein lies my challenge...
Why I'm challenging skeptics to drink a gallon of chemotherapy
I am hereby challenging the skeptics to a public drink-a-thon, each drinking the medicines we advocate. I'll meet them in a public place, and we'll each drink the medicines we believe in the most.

I'll bring a gallon of homeopathic remedies and healing raw juices, and the medical fundamentalists and their supporters (the more, the merrier) can each bring a gallon of the liquid forms of chemotherapy, blood pressure medications, coumadin, or statin drugs. We'll chug them in public and see who's left standing. The results get posted on YouTube for the whole world to see. We'll title the video, "SKEPTICS COMMIT MASS SUICIDE BY DRINKING PHARMACEUTICALS AS IF THEY WERE KOOL-AID." Jonestown, anyone?

Do you have any doubt which of us will be left standing? Sure, I may need to pee a whole lot, but the restrooms won't be crowded, because all the skeptics won't be needing them anymore.

That outcome, my friends, would be sad, but newsworthy. More importantly, it would prove an important point: Medicine should be safe for people to consume, not so deadly that you drop dead after consuming it, which is what often happens with pharmaceuticals.

But, alas, my challenge will certainly never be accepted. None of the magicians, skeptics of medical fundamentalists will be publicly chugging chemotherapy any time soon, nor any other large doses of liquid pharmaceuticals. Why? Because they know how toxic those chemicals are.

Of course we won’t accept that challenge – it’s stupid, as explained why over and over above. Yes we know that real medicine is toxic in large doses - but we also know why homeopathic nostrums aren't and that's because there is nothing to it.

Do you notice the irony here? The only medicines they're willing to consume in large doses in public are homeopathic remedies! They won't dare consume large quantities of the medicines they all say YOU should be taking! (The pharma drugs.)

And therein rests the truth in all this: Even the skeptics know that homeopathy is inherently safer than their own medicines.

No wonder they keep attacking it: If people found out about safe medicine, where would all of Big Pharma's repeat business come from? After all, the best thing about chemotherapy (from Big Pharma's point of view) is that it creates repeat business from liver damage, kidney damage and brain damage.

All these pharmaceutical poisons are so damaging to the human body -- and brain -- that these is probably one of the main reasons why the skeptics who take all these drugs are incapable of understanding high-vibration advanced medicine. A vaccine shot every year does wonders for lowering the IQ and killing off the creative thinking portions of the brain, after all.

So if you're looking for safe medicine, definitely take a look at homeopathic remedies. They so safe that even the critics can't overdose on them... but you have to admit the attempt makes for great entertainment.

A Vaccine shot every year lowers the IQ and kills off the creative thinking portions of the brain? You have reputable sources for this? 

So if you're looking for medicine that works - use proven medicines - not nostrums of sugar and water. Homeopathy is no better than placebo - real medicines - medicines that work - have to be proven to work 'better' than placebo. Proof homeopathy will never have.

I’ve  a challenge for you Mike Adams – take some of the homeopathic anti-malarial nostrums and then travel to a part of the world where  malaria is endemic.

For an even better blog on this matter click here.

The owner of this blog - Michael Mills has never received a nickel from any pharmaceutical company. 

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