17 February 2011

Act of God or Godless Act?

In the 17/02/11 Oklahoma newsletter edition of  "The Baptist Messenger" Bob Nigh (Managing Editor) wrote: 

'Pro-life constituents shouldn’t be stymied by Rose Day cancellation'

Although a major snowstorm forced cancellation of the annual Rose Day observance at the Oklahoma State Capitol Feb. 9, Rose Day chair Heidi Wilburn reminds Oklahoma Baptists that they can share their concern for the unborn with their legislators anytime during the 2011 Session of the state’s 53rd Legislature, which actually began Feb. 7, and concludes May 27 

Funny how it's not being described as an 'act of God'. I'm sure if this naturally occurring phenomenon had 'stymied' an event scheduled by a Pro-choice group, it would have been.


Flag photo by Steve Gooch, The Oklahoman
 Weather map by Accuweather

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